October 15. 2023

Signe Marie Rustad, whom I’ve played bass guitar with for a few years, released her new album Particles Of Faith a few months ago. We’ve played a few shows here and there in Norway to promote it. Last May, our national TV channel, NRK, filmed this short film of us performing in the living room of Signe Marie’s childhood home, a farm called Rustad outside the small town of Elverum. To me this feels like an interesting artifact, as there is a lot of history in the walls of that house.

Stream it at by clicking here.

Photo: NRK

Signe Marie Rustad – Vocals, Guitar
Sander Eriksen Nordahl – Guitar
Bjørge Verbaan – Keyboards
Njål Uhre Kiese – Bass Guitar
Alexander Lindbäck – Drums