Ayka Live At Plysh

March 5. 2022

Video performance with Ayka from last week. It’s from a live streamed show called Plysh, led by Bendik, which can be seen in in its entirety for some money at http://vier.live. It includes interviews and more performances by Bendik, Fieh and ARY.

The day of the video shoot was super nice and relaxed. Filled with kind of an excitement for the future, shared by a huge amount of very talented hardworking young people. Our line of work has been halted for a long time due to the pandemic. A lot of us haven’t seen each other for a long time either, since we usually socialize at festivals and gigs around the world. Being able to work again feels good. Like I’ve been gone for a long time and now I’m back where I’m supposed to be, contributing with the tools I’m best at swinging. The next morning we sadly woke up to a very different Europe. A world with a much more cloudy future. In a flash, my day before turned into something unimportant.

I hope this unnecessary killing and theft of innocent’s lives, human rights and needs is put to an end as quickly as possible. I can’t imagine the nights you are living through. Working with all my colleagues the day before reminded me of how all of you are exactly the same. Talented and good people who should be living your lives uninterrupted, doing what you know best. But now you forced to flee, hide and fight for your lives. My heart is with you.