March 14. 2021

My website is up! When I was in my early teens I used to have this tiny, very simple website I wrote myself with HTML language. I loved playing around with it and making small changes here and there. I always wanted to repeat this, but for the last years as the internet has become more advanced I have been procrastinating doing it because it has become far more difficult. Simpler to most I guess, but more difficult to me for some stupid (that’s me!) reason. It is a lot to put your head into and I didn’t want to use a premade website template, I wanted it to be more personal. So it never happened. But now with the help of my best friend, Anders Nodeland Indregard, I finally have my own website again! Anders is a geek just like me, but he is much brighter when it comes to these things. He has put many hours into this, trying to realize my difficult ideas for the design and user experience demands. So I thank him and I encourage other people to not be afraid to contact him if you want your own website! Send me an e-mail or something and I’ll pass you onto him.

I could’ve just made a Facebook page or something. But I wanted a place that was available for ”everybody” with an internet connection. To have the possibility to publish information outside of social media. Which is becoming a more rare thing these days.

Here you’ll find my latest updates, tour dates, discography and contact details. I also have the ”Blogiverse” which will be a place where I can publish small texts about topics I care about.

Anders N. Indregard and me in Oslo 14.03.2021. Photo: Linn Browning